Sunday, November 18, 2012

Iranian Connection to Gaza Rocket Attacks?

Given the increased tension between Israel and Iran over Iran's desire for nuclear arms capability, and given the fact that any conflict between the two nations will be conducted through the air, I think it is perfectly reasonable to raise the question of Iranian complicity in Hamas' recent assault on Israeli cities, including such vital towns as Tel Aviv and Jersusalem.

I can't help but think that Iran is determined to learn all that it can about Israel's air defenses, particularly their "Iron Dome" version of the Strategic Defense Initiative first proposed by President Reagan during the Cold War. Israel in fact activated its defense system, knocking down at least one missile directed at Tel Aviv. I have no doubt that Iran is paying close attention.

It is understandable that, so far at least, mention of Iran be kept to a murmur, if mentioned at all. Adding a level of complexity to an already inflamed situation complicates efforts to settle the flare-up and put an end to Hamas' aggression.

But we cannot forget the connection between Hamas and Iran, and we must not be naive in our assumptions about the  causative factors behind Hamas' behavior. Iran is raising the stakes in the Middle East, and they must continue to be held accountable for its efforts to further destabilize the region. For the Persians, an Arab world in chaos shifts the balance of power in their direction. They are benficiaries of the new turmoil facing Israel; their is no doubt they are highly motivated to keep shifting Israel's attention from event to event.

Iran is behind this latest Hamas' aggression. Of this I have no doubt.

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