Friday, December 21, 2012

A Conversation with James Madison

Imagine sitting in front of the TV with James Madison (who miraculously reappeared in modern times) the day after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary.

“My G-d,” exclaimed Madison, “I can’t believe the horrible things that men continue to do to their fellow man, and to kill children, this is an unspeakable horror.”
“I agree,” declared the host, “to kill so many children so quickly and shamelessly is an act of pure evil.”

“But how was this act carried out?” Madison wondered, “What kind of weapon was used?”
“It was a Bushmaster AK-47 automatic rifle, “ I responded as I took my cell phone from my pocket and logged onto You Tube. “If you take a look at this ‘picture box’ you can see how it works.”

I let Madison view the You Tube demonstration of the automatic weapon in action at a shooting range.
“That is a rifle?” Madison questioned. “But it shoots so many bullets so quickly. Why do you allow people to own such destructive weapons?”
“Well,” I answered, “People are allowed to buy these weapons because of the Second Amendment that you wrote in the Bill of Rights.”

“Are you freaking insane?” Madison shouted. “Are you modern people nuts?”
Enough said.

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