Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Undemocratic Supermajorities

I am absolutely flabbergasted with the use of so-called supermajorities for the passage of "important" legislation in the Senate. It absolutely flies in the face of the traditional notion that our government is run on the basis of simple majority rule.

Please explain to me why some legislation should require 60 votes to pass? The inordinate power that this gives to the minority to thwart legislation is completely without justification.

This shift in the balance of power to favor minority views is a slap in the face to our founding fathers.

The efficiency it creates and the requisite deal making it  engenders  no doubt contributes to the already horrible opinion the public already has for our Congress.

This is tantamount to a legislative filibuster, causing endless delays in a body already known for its indecisiveness and rancor.

I have poured over the writings of our founding fathers and no where have I found the belief that's 41 percent opposition rather than 51 percent opposition is sufficient to strike down lelegislation.

This is a travesty that must be stopped.

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