Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Truth About the 47%

Obviously Mitt Romney was viciously callous in his mischaracterization of a large segment if the American population; most people prefer work to dependence and are honestly pursuing a path to independence and self-sufficiency. In fact u could legitimately argue that a significant percentage of the wealthy and a sizable number of corporations are dependent on government programs and "breaks" to marginalize their costs and maximize their profits. You can find some sort of dependence anywhere.

But to get back to Romney. I am right now at the welfare office in Trenton, and the number of young women here with children is staggering. What bothers me the most is the apparent absence of any sense of shame among the young and what appears to be some rather weak parenting skills.

Is just show so hard to shake this sense that these children are little more than a source of income.

These young adults are just the kind of people that play into the thinking of Romney and many of his fellow Republicans. It is here at this level that the social fabric has become seriously frayed.

Decades ago the late Senator Moynihan warned us of the consequences caused by changes in the family structure and traditional values, and those consequences are center stage here at the Social Services office.

If we are to regain our strength as a nation we must do a better job providing opportunity in the inner city through better education and use what ever moral power we can to dissuade young women from seeing this path of dependence as somehow legitimate and justified.

There is just too much at stake for our nation to let this behavior go unabated.

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