Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Would the MSNBC hosts please shut up

Don't get me wrong, I am actually a regular viewer of CNBC. The network, while admittedly a bit liberal, does seem to make an effort towards objectivity and rational discussion of contemporary issues. But what drives me crazy is the incessant interrupting of guests by the show's various hosts.

I experienced behavior quite a lot while working as a teacher. You can literally see that the hosts are really listening that intently to their guests, that they have something prepared to say and all too often just can't wait to blurt it out. Some of them- Martin Bashir is probably the greatest culprit- are so contemptuous of opinions they disagree with that they reduce what might have been a reasoned discussion to personal attacks and intellectual snobbery. Shows led by Chris Hayes and Ezra Klein are the clearest exceptions to this, and I value their time on the air- although I wish they would answer my tweets and read up on Mancur Olsen :)

I can't ever really object to a Philly guy like Chris Matthews, he is the embodiment of us guys from the city.

All I'm asking is that when these hosts tackle subjects with the participation of stakeholders (I'll give them a pass when they jump on the wackos on the far right) that they give their guests more time to speak and that they do more moderating and less "speech giving." It would make their shows more objective and more watchable. I already know where Melissa Perry and Martin Bashir and Rachel Maddow stand on the issues. Can I please hear more from the people you invited to speak!!!

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