Thursday, September 5, 2013

MSNBC Apologists Going Off the Deep End

I admit to watching MSNBC as my "default" source for televised news and commentary, but I have to tell you they are quickly driving me away. Their latest example of ridiculousness involves critique of a website that identifies "the most safe and most dangerous ghettos in the US." Now I would admit that the word "ghetto" can be seen as a "charged" expression raising images of overwhelmingly black communities, and that many might find that objectionable. However, it is worth noting that one of the major differences between white and black poverty is that white poverty is much more diffuse, so you don't as often get a multitude of "white ghettos."

The MSNBC host called for taking down the website, presumably because of the racial element. As long as the site doesn't contain a variable "percentage of black residents," which is insensitive and inappropriate, I don't see the problem.  But why? Don't both white and black citizens have a right to know more about the communities they are considering living?

The host pointed to Bernie Madoff as a rationale for taking down the site. Since people like Madoff would not be included in such a calculation, it can't be valid. What a crazy non-sequiter. I certainly would prefer not to have Madoff as my neighbor, but I am hardly concerned about him adding to the violence.

MSNBC continues its crusade against racism and somehow "proving" that America is still a racist society. My G-d if you want to find anecdotes to support your position you will have no problem, regardless of the issue. It is a disingenuous strategy for building a position, and I find it shameful that its commentators would resort to such tactics.

If there is evidence of disparate treatment by government that effectively perpetuates racism, but all means go after it. But that is not what this is, and by declaring that this website has somehow forfeited its First Amendment rights, the network has shown a horrible darkside. Let's hope they realize that sometimes they really just need to chill out and stop trying to mold everyone to fit their ideal of a citizen. What a scary thought!

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