Monday, November 25, 2013

An Abortion Question The "Pro Life" People Can't Answer

The abortion issue will now and forever be a divisive issue in American politics. The Pro Choice people now have to deal with the reality that science has impacted the utility of Roe v. Wade, pushing up the moment of viability for a fetus by several weeks. They also need to realize that showing rigidity on the issue of late term abortions is turning off many people that would otherwise support their position.

On the other side, the new strategy of "Pro Lifers" to use zoning issues and hospital staffing requirements is being seen as a cynical attempt to deny women the constitutional right to the procedure. This "end around" debating the actual issue is revitalizing those on the other side and helping the Pro Life camp to garner support they might otherwise not have had.

Now to the issue at hand. Throughout the nation the Pro Life camp is pursuing legislation defining life as beginning at conception. Amazingly, some states have actually passed such legislation, though I can't imagine them ever holding up in court. Here's the problem for the anti-abortion/life at conception crowd: most abortions that occur are called "natural" abortions, meaning that they occur when a fertilized egg fails to attach to the uterus wall. The egg is then passed out of the women's body.

This natural abortion is thus "G-d" aborting a fetus, so anyone in this camp has to accept the logical conclusion that, in the language of anti-abortionists, G-d is committing murder! I have yet to hear anyone in this group respond to this question, but then again I have yet to hear any journalist or pro-choice advocate challenge pro-lifers on this question, and I wonder why? It would seem like a great way to put pro-lifers on the defensive, yet the other side never raises it. So I will. On the oft chance that a pro-life person is reading this blog, could you please explain it to me here?

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