Friday, November 8, 2013

Hey Ted, Pragmatism IS a Principle

Senator Ted Cruz and his fellow "radical conservatives" had nothing but back handed compliments for Chris Christie after his overwhelming victory in NJ's gubernatorial election, instead saving his true compliments for losers like "Cooch" in Virginia. He apparently "had the courage to stand for principal," whereas Christie apparently does not.

Well Ted, Governor Christie is a true conservative, but one who understands that pragmatism is a principle as well. Is it so hard to understand that someone can have conservative ideas but be pragmatic in principle. A principle is a "professed rule of action or conduct." It in fact differs from having a "philosophy," which is more akin to the study or search for principles; it is the mindset one possesses in their application of principles. Christie's ideas are conservative, but he believes in a principle based on searching for and applying practical solutions to problems. It is more than an idea, it is the application of philosophy to problem solving.

Conservatism may define "who you are," but pragmatism defines "what you do." Conservatism is "schoolhouse philosophy," and its success can only be predicated on convincing a majority of people to think as you do, then to act as you think. Good luck.

Radical conservatives have ruined the Party I once called home. I despise what they have done to the Republican Party, and I despise what they have done to political discourse and to political action. Our style of democracy is anathema to their way of thinking about governance; they are an insult to our Founders and their application of scientific reasoning to the issue of governance, government, and politics. They are the legacy of parties like the Know Nothings or any of the other "itinerant" parties that have come and gone. The Tea Party will no doubt suffer the same fate, it is just a shame they are taking my Republican Party down with them. I only wish that true Republicans would have the guts to stand up to them.

Governor Christie's pragmatism is in the proud tradition of past politicians with a conservative philosophy and pragmatic principles that are the only path for conservative philosophy to establish credibility in our society, a society guided by pragmatism, regardless of their "philosophy." I don't personally agree with much of Christie's policies, but I applaud his understanding of the populace and the dominance of pragmatic thought. He, and those like him, are the last great hope for our Party.

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